What We’re About

The Center for Metal Arts believes deeply in preserving and growing the history and craft of high-quality forged ironwork and fostering a world-class environment for learning. Our mission is to preserve and grow this historic art in our Johnstown location by producing traditional tools, developing and delivering best in class educational programs for artists and blacksmiths, and revitalizing the legacy Cambria Ironworks machinery to facilitate large-scale artistic forging. CMA is located in the Cambria Iron National Historic Landmark in Johnstown, PA. The historic Blacksmith Shop was home to the Cambria Iron Co. until the early nineteen hundreds when it was bought out by Bethlehem Steel. It employed 50 people that ran two to three shifts per day, producing a wide variety of tools for the steel mill. The building contains very rare blacksmithing tools and equipment that CMA is in the process of refurbishing.