2021 Scholarship Opportunities


At Center for Metal Arts, we work hard to make our workshops available to the widest possible audience.  Part of how we do this is offering a limited number of scholarships each year for our extended workshops. Currently scholarship applications are open with the deadline approaching quickly.  This year we have three exciting workshops with scholarship availability. These workshops are new for 2021 and represent a broad variety of how versatile and valuable the craft of forging can be.

Scholarship Application Deadline February 1st

Intermediate Tool Making & Design with John Williams 
Fabricating & Forging Utensils with Erica Moody  
Fearless Forge Welding with Addison de Lisle 


Intermediate Tool Making & Design with John Williams


John Williams is in my opinion one of the most talented forged tool makers currently producing work in America.  With over 20 years of experience forging tools, John has been able to develop and refine his skills to create tools that are as functional as they are beautiful. John’s workshop will cover everything from forging and heat treating, hand tools and hammers, and he will cover tong making pretty thoroughly with emphasis on the forge welded reigns drop tong style.  Tool making with an emphasis on design is a valuable experience and will help you create tools that stand out in the field, whether you’re inspired by tradition or interested in developing your own style.  

This is a great opportunity to work with a talented instructor in a well tooled forging classroom. Working with other established blacksmiths and tool makers is the best way to quickly improve your skills and more importantly get inspired! John is one of the best and a week with him will surely have a strong impact on your forging and design skills. 


Fabricating & Forging Utensils with Erica Moody


Erica’s work really stands out in a craft that places focus on eating and serving utensils. In 2016 she introduced a line of personal work crafting metal serving utensils using basic metals such as brass, copper, and steel with occasional wood embellishments. Her pieces are very beautifully and functionally formed and constructed from simple methods and aesthetics of traditional craft techniques that draw on her years of experience building minimally designed metal fabrications for her architectural clients.

Her designs borrow from both the antique puritan and minimal modern aesthetic, striving for a style that is visibly handcrafted, yet refined in its practical beauty. If you value tools in the kitchen as much as tools in the shop, spending a week with Erica will be an inspiring experience covering a broad range of materials, forging and forming techniques, joinery and finishes.

Erica’s work has been noticed by publications such as Bon Appetit, Esquire, and the New York Times Magazine. She has taught at numerous places such as Penland School of Craft, Wooden Boat School, Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, Massachusetts College of Art & Design, & Wentworth Institute of Technology.  We are honored to have her and this workshop and looking forward to a wonderful week of creating beautiful kitchen ware with her.  


Fearless Forge Welding with Addison de Lisle 


Addison is a blacksmith who creates work that stands out as very finely crafted with a keen sensitivity to detail. With a strong background forging more traditional style work, Addison excels at forge welding and all the subtle nuances that come with managing a hot, clean, coal fire! Currently he is a professor of blacksmithing at the American College of the Building Arts in South Carolina.   

Recently at CMA we built and installed nine new solid fuel forges so we can broaden our instructor and topic outreach. Addison’s workshop is the perfect fit to take advantage of these new facilities. This is a chance to immerse yourself in a technique surrounded by intrigue and mystique. Working with Addison will give you the confidence to forge weld successfully shedding insight on proper heat, fire, material cleanliness, and weld preparation. In a craft that’s largely mass manipulation, come hone your skills learning the traditional way of material addition through the forging process.

Addison de Lisle earned his BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry at the Maine College of Art in 2011. After a class at the Haystack Mountain School of Craft, he was inspired to explore blacksmithing and apprenticed at Wilson Forge on Little Deer Isle, Maine.  In 2014 he was awarded a year-long fellowship in architectural ironwork at the Fondation de Coubertin in France and following this program he enrolled in Southern Illinois University Carbondale, where he received his MFA in Blacksmithing and Metalsmithing in 2018. de Lisle exhibits work nationally and internationally, and has led workshops at the Haystack Mountain School of Craft, the American College of the Building Arts, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, and the Maine College of Art.


Thank you for your interest in Center for Metal Arts scholarship opportunities.  Please click here to apply and feel free to contact us with any questions.



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