Catch Our Drift Program

Residents of Johnstown will be offered half-price tuition when they sign-up for a workshop that has unfilled spaces one week prior to the workshop. This offer is also available to all K-12 teachers, and all teachers at colleges, universities, or community colleges regardless of their location. To be added to our “Catch Our Drift” list, please fill out the application below. If you are a local resident, we ask that you attach proof of your home address, whether this be a copy of your drivers license, recent utility bill, passport or any other form of identification with local address. If you are a teacher, we ask that you attach proof of employment, which could be a copy of your school ID or any other document that would verify your employment. Email your application and verification papers to or drop them off at our office located at 106 Iron Street, Johnstown, PA 15906. If you have questions regarding our application or verification process, please contact us at or 814-418-0409. We will notify students one week prior to the start of the workshop for selection and enrollment.