Digital Notebook

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The Center for Metal Arts Digital Notebook is a resource of forging techniques and projects designed to aid the aspiring blacksmith. Our mission is to create in-depth instructional videos that complement our in person forging workshops.

Simply create a CMA Digital Notebook username and password and all enrolled workshops will be saved to your notebook library. The idea here is that one can create a library of technique-based videos, clearly broken into chapters, that they can reference whenever they like similar to a notebook you keep when forging.

Our goal is to create professionally produced educational forging content that the viewer can purchase and collect to build a digital video forging reference library. We try to facilitate this in a way that allows the viewer to clearly see the forging happen and where we can clearly communicate details about the process that may not be very obvious.

I call this program the digital notebook because I see it as a resource for blacksmiths to look back at to help them remember how things were forged, what certain measurements were, or any subtle nuance that might be mentioned about a project. When I teach in person classes nothing makes me happier than when student show up with a notebook and take notes.

Bring our expertise to your craft. Check out our Digital Notebook today.

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