Workshop Proposal

Workshop Proposal

Join our team of talented forging instructors!

Quality forging instruction is at the core of Center for Metal Arts mission. Teaching a broad range of topics and students is an important part of reaching as many students as we can.

Foundational in forging education are beginner workshops that expose forging to a diverse group of people interested in getting started in the craft and seeing what it is all about. Instructing beginners helps instill good habits and proper technique right away promoting quality and safety early in ones journey in blacksmithing.

Center for Metal Arts is searching for qualified teachers within roughly a 200 mile radius of Johnstown, PA interested in conducting beginner to intermediate blacksmithing workshops for the duration of one or two days on the weekends at our location. This is a great opportunity to teach in a well-equipped forging classroom and help educate the next generation of blacksmiths to help them find their voice in the craft.

We are also seeking instructors for extended workshops (week-long to two-weeks longs). These classes are aimed toward intermediate to advanced students, but we are also open to beginner extended workshop.

How to Propose a Workshop

Select the form to share your idea with us.

If you're looking to teach a course, select the Instructor Workshop Proposal to share details about your work and teaching style.

If you are a student and want to pitch us a workshop topic or an instructor, select the Student Workshop Proposal. We would love to hear your opinion!

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