from Core to Surface 2024

An exhibition of current forged metalwork showcasing the vast possibilities of design, technique, and self-expression through the lens of the forging process. Forging can be both incredibly technical and self-expressive. The combination of the two is what makes it such an exciting process for both artists and craftspeople working in the field today.

The mission of this exhibition is to showcase the broad range of what forging can offer from a sculptural and functional perspective or a combination of the two. Design and execution go hand-in-hand whether the work is functional or sculptural; the two concepts struggle to exist independently. This exhibition seeks people active in the craft whose work displays a keen sense of design and technique. Evaluation and acceptance of submissions will be strongly influenced by a demonstration of this harmony between the two in their work.

2024 call for entries is now closed.
Please check back again for 2025 dates.

From Core to Surface CFE2

2024 Jurors

221006_MakerCamp_01430 - Leah Aripotch

Leah Aripotch

Leah Aripotch is a metal sculptor based in Oakland, California. She was born is 1987 and raised in Montauk, New York. She received her BFA from Academy of Art University in 2012. In tandem with her graduation, she designed and built a line of jewelry for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in collaboration with MFA Fashion designer, Teresa Field and Textiles designer, James Thai. Snake Bag, a sculptural handbag made for that collaboration, has since been published in Metalsmith Magazine and CAST, a coffee table book featuring art and objects made using humanity’s most transformational process. Upon graduating, Leah began a paid apprenticeship at a commercial fabrication shop in San Francisco under the mentorship of Brian Martin. Since 2015, she has focused exclusively on fine art sculpture. Her work has been exhibited across the country at venues such as the National Museum of Metal, the Fuller Craft Museum, Museum of Museums, and The Center for Metal Arts. She lives in Oakland with her husband and two cats and builds monsters and aliens out of her metal shop.


portrait - peter braspenninx

Pete Braspenninx

Pete Braspenninx, owner of Phyre Forge, is a graduate of the University of Michigan school of art and design (2004). He is an artist, blacksmith, and educator. His work has been shown, collected, and published nationally and internationally. His work focuses primarily on building shape and line through visual connections and joinery using traditional skills to make modern forms.



Christoph Friedrich

For over 50 years I have succumbed to the iron. During my basic training as a craftsman, I got to know different design approaches and later formed my own from them. Following my conviction that good design requires good craftsmanship, I place emphasis on execution right from the design phase. In my work I always try to be honest with our time, to reflect our time in which I live. I want to learn from the experiences of the past in order to create something new together with something new. I get clues and inspiration by going through the world with open eyes, observing nature and valuing simplicity and honesty. Sometimes a word, a sentence or a poem inspires me. Nature, in particular, often offers me clues for a line, for a form. Exactly copying nature or repeating designed works from the past was never an issue for me.


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