Object of Connection: Unison – Cappy Counard

2019 | 30 x 16 x 3 cm | Silver and copper

In my own history, the kitchen has always been the hub and heart of home. It is the domain of mothers and grandmothers, a place of gathering, offering and warmth. My work references tools of nourishment found in the kitchen as a metaphor for shared experience. By utilizing the bowl form, Objects of Connection: Unison reflects my desire to bridge divides and honor relationship.

Finding the capacity for interconnection requires both intention and care, and so I engage in meticulous repetitive acts of making while I think about mending and uniting. Through incremental change I build a space where differences merge into something in-between. It is in this place of interaction that we can find possibility, connection and even belonging.

Cappy Counard

Cappy Counard makes jewelry and sculptural objects that reflect her curiosity about relationship. By exploring the notions of work, care, storytelling and repair, she aims to record our capacity for evolution and connection.

Cappy graduated with an MFA from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and a BS in Art from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. She exhibits, lectures and demonstrates throughout the United States and her work is featured in many books including, SNAG Jams 2019, Narrative Jewelry and Behind the Brooch. Recently, she curated the exhibition titled Forging a Link: Metalsmiths Respond to the Mercer Collection at the Mercer Museum in Doylestown, PA.
Cappy lives in Edinboro, Pennsylvania where she has been a Professor of Metals and Jewelry at Edinboro University for more than twenty years. Teaching is as integral to her practice as making. The act of building community and sharing knowledge contributes greatly to the concepts in her work.

Cappy Counard - Cappy Counard
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