Iris – Dakota Myers

2020-2022 | 19×1×19 inches | Forged Steel (No welds)

Iris was a journey into symmetry, conjoined shapes, and puzzling joinery. This process spanned multiple years. Much more time was spent at the drafting board than at the anvil. At first glance what may seem like a simple and harmonious shape, upon further inspection reveals something much more complex and technical. This piece is meant to represent my eye and how I view my craftsmanship.

Dakota Myers

Dakota Myers is a full time blacksmith who uses his traditional skillset to drive contemporary designs. Dakota graduated from The American College of the Building Arts in 2017, spending his summer internships with Jakob Faram and The Center For Metal Arts. He pursued further education overseas at the Hereford College of Arts Artist Blacksmithing Program in 2018. Dakota Co-Founded Innovation Forge in Berthoud Colorado that same year. He currently lives in Truckee California forging architectural ironwork for Mountain Forge Inc.

IMG_9081 - Dakota Myers
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