Mississippi Oyster – Matthias Kühn

2022 | Diameter 12" | Forged scrap steel and wrought iron

The Mississippi Oysters are part of the “Shape-Series”. The name resulted out of the place where I found the material I used to create those pieces. The banks of the Mississippi. Like the shell of an oyster the scrap steel “Shapes” protects the “pearl” made out of wrought iron. The properties of wrought iron are not good for any industrial use. Therefore it is not produced anymore. One has to find it and its availability is limited. Therefore it is some sort of rare and extremely valuable to a blacksmith. The rusty and rotten patina of the “pearl” point towards the state in which the material was found. Only the very low level of the Mississippi allowed the treasure to be dug out.

Matthias Kühn

Matthias Kühn is a metalworking artist and blacksmith. He was born in Osnabrück, Germany. In his childhood and youth, he often moved between the Netherlands, north and south Germany. Early on he started to work with metal artistically. After graduating from school, he became an apprentice in the blacksmith workshop of Kunstschmiede Althammer in Leipzig, Germany. Later on, he travelled as a journeyman for two years to expand his knowledge, craft skills, and artistic expression. During this time, he worked with blacksmiths in Australia, England, Ireland, Austria, and Germany. Currently, he is studying Metal Art at HDK-VALAND in Steneby, Sweden.

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