Closed System – Nick Barton

2023 | 17x17x17 inches | Steel & Brass

Closed system is a study into the relationship between mathematics and forging. This piece represents a materially closed and energetically open system.

Nick Barton

Nick Barton was raised in rural Wisconsin and found his community in skateboarding and the arts. Skateboarding taught him to see the beauty in the mundane, hand rails, benches, curbs or just a smooth parking lot weren’t just a part of everyday functionality, instead they were viewed as an endless outlet of creativity. After relocating to southwest New Mexico in in 2012 he found blacksmithing in 2018 and fell in love. Blacksmithing requires the same dedication and discipline as skateboarding, while also providing an equally as gratifying source of creativity in the mundane.

L1005797 - Nick Barton
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