five by five – Noah Wakefield

2018 | 5 x 5 x 13 inches | Hand forged steel

The characteristics of this architecturally inspired sculpture are similar to the others in the series. It was made at the anvil with a team of strikers and embodies the collaboration required when forging with partners. While I often find myself alone in my studio practice, forging this series allowed for forms to develop more rapidly than working alone. In recent years I have discovered that working alongside other smiths in collaboration is the most important and rewarding use of my time as an artist.

Noah Wakefield

Noah Wakefield is a Texas-based artist who works in the fields of steel sculpture and oil painting. After high school, he was trained as a high-pressure plate and pipe welder in the United States Navy. After a decade in service, Noah left the Navy and went on to complete his Bachelor’s degree in government and history at The University of Texas at Austin. Noah grew restless outside of a metal shop and soon started taking blacksmithing classes at Austin Community College. There he learned the fundamentals of forging methods and some of the historical aspects of blacksmithing. After several years of working in his home shop, Noah sought further education with a Master of Fine Arts degree at Texas Tech University in sculpture, jewelry design, and metalsmithing.When he is not making sculpture or painting, Noah enjoys spending time outside with his three young sons and his wife of 22 years, Sarah.

DE38578B-C52A-4E01-809D-E900CC848C41 - Noah Wakefield
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