At the Met Gala – Susan Madacsi

2020 | 29 x 29 1/2 x 5 inches | Forged and fabricated steel, found object, aerosol enamel paints and wax

My work embraces bold color, abstract form, and an exploration of texture to reconsider the traditional treatment of steel. Typically, forged works are utilitarian and masculine. Tuning into my own intuition, I have veered away from these forms and aesthetics. I employ the same traditional techniques taught to me by masters and still create objects that reveal the organic nature of the material. My work breaches the conventional concepts of blacksmithing and my intention is to contribute and influence the craft with a neo-traditional approach to the practice.

Susan Madacsi

I’ve been working as an artist/blacksmith for about 20 years and I began as a student in Austin, Texas. I was fortunate to find work in the craft with a small architectural firm where I learned the practice of building gates, railings, fire tools, and other forged utilitarian objects. After several years of working and feeling inspired, I wanted to move on and create a studio of my own. I settled on the East Coast where I was introduced to the craft show circuit. I now live in my hometown of Boise, Idaho where my studio practice has evolved. I regularly interact with art consultants, art service groups, and apply for commissions in public spaces.

Professional headshot with floral blouse - Susan Madacsi
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