Michael Barton

I am an Automotive Engineer by trade, and an avid hobby blacksmith. My first love is tool making and I am very interested in sculptural forging (I am early in this journey). I Co-Lead a weekly Forging introduction program “Open Forge” introducing forging to people with little experience. I often connect best with students that want to understand the “why” and are looking for knowledge and skills that have wide applicability. I have conducted multiple hammer and tool forging workshops at my shop in Ravenna, OH and have lead forging/fabrication workshops including Stock rests, belt grinders, and Guillotine Tools. I frequently demonstrate at club activities and Conferences. I have attended multiple workshops at CMA , including Deadman Stock Rest, Tool Making, Power Hammer Techniques, Jake James’ Sculpture and Zach Noble’s Sculpture. I have been on the receiving end of CMA’s Teaching and am looking forward to becoming a contributor.

Upcoming Courses

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