Instructor: Seth Gould                                                 

Level: Intermediate

Dates: May 11th  –  15th ( 9  a.m. – 5 p.m. )

Materials Included

During this one-week class students will make a padlock as an introduction into the language and techniques of locksmithing. A padlock provides an exciting and challenging format in which forging and bench work are combined to create a basic locking mechanism. Most parts of the lock will start in the fire and at the anvil and then be refined and assembled using basic hand tools at the bench. Some of the techniques covered in this workshop include controlled hand forging, cold punching and riveting, brazing, the hardening and tempering of springs, decorative file work, and general assembly and layout. Other types of locks, keys, and mechanisms will be presented and discussed as well.



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  • Seth Gould is a metalsmith and toolmaker living in Bakersville, NC. He has taught, demonstrated, and lectured at institutions including Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Penland School of Craft, and the Northwest Jewelry/Metals Symposium.  His work can be seen in the collections of the Renwick Gallery, the National Ornamental Metal Museum, and the Arkansas Art Center. Seth currently lives with his wife and son in Bakersville, NC.
Instagram @sethgould