2.5 lb Straight Peen Hammer (American Style)

At CMA we take pride in the tooling we create to make our work and outfit our forging classroom.  Below you will find a selection of forging hammers recently made by Patrick Quinn and Mark Kelly.  These hammers are forged and finished at the bench, a look and function inspired by the tools left behind at the historic Cambria Iron and Steel Company’s blacksmith shop that CMA now calls home.   

2.5 lb Straight Peen Hammer (American Style)
Forged from 4140 this hammer is inspired by a classic American style forging hammer but the straight peen version.

All hammers are forged from 4140, hardened and tempered.  

*CMA is not responsible for chipped or broken tools as a result of misuse or negligence.
*Hardened tools like these are meant for striking hot metals only.
*Striking two hardened and tempered tools together may result in broken tools or personal injury.
*CMA always recommends striking hard tools with a soft hammer for safety. 


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