May 20 - 24, 2024

Basic Handmade Padlock

Workshop Overview

Materials Included

This basic padlock, based on common lock construction techniques, will familiarize the student with a simple single-bolt lock mechanism allowing them to produce and locate the parts to make a functioning padlock. We will be taking a look at some originals to see how they were made.

This project will utilize many basic forging processes (bending, punching, shouldering, welding, tapering, drifting). Students will need to be able to make precise forgings to allow for proper fitment. An important part of locksmithing is cold work (layout, cutting, chiseling, filing, riveting). Students should expect to spend most of their time at the vise/bench filing, fitting, trimming and assembling.


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Meet the Instructor

Thomas Boucher

Thomas Boucher is an artist locksmith focussed on rediscovering and exploring techniques to make handmade locks and sharing his discoveries. His passion for forging stems from growing up in his father’s blacksmith/fabrication shop. Having a budding interest in locks, Thomas was fortunate enough to study, 18th century English locks, in 2019, under Kevin Moreau, of…

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