Double Calipers


Instructor: Patrick Quinn
Level: Beginner
Dates: September 26th – 27th ( 9  a.m. – 5 p.m. )

Materials Included

A great workshop for anyone interested in refining or developing their skills at the anvil. This workshop has a strong emphasis on clean forging, attention to detail, and creating parts that fit tightly and work properly. Forging multiples, tapering, hot cutting, punching, drifting, forming and riveting will be covered. Part of the charm of this project is creating two moving arms on one central pin that does not spin. Several tricks and tips to achieve this will be covered and explored.

Come learn a ton of new techniques or brush up on skills you already have while making a beautiful functional tool for your shop. Students can expect to spend time at the anvil and the bench creating all the parts needed to execute this project. Forging a set of double calipers will give you the confidence to make other forgings of a similar nature in cleanliness, and functionality. The skills taught in this class translate to forging any manner of other tooling or projects you may want to explore.

Blacksmiths use double calipers often to check two different measurements at the same time with one tool, I.E. a rectangle tenon, re-sizing or creating flat stock, length & thickness, etc. A very useful tool to measure hot forgings and have hanging at your power hammer or with you at the anvil.


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  • Patrick Quinn has taught blacksmithing, fabrication, and tool making at Southern Illinois University (Carbondale, IL), Penland School of Crafts, Haystack Mountain School of Craft, Hereford College of the Arts, and the Adirondack Folk School. He has demonstrated at various conferences such as ABANA and the California Blacksmith Association. With an MFA in blacksmithing from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and a BFA in sculpture from Alfred University, Patrick’s sculptural and functional works display a high level of craft and keen eye for detail. Instagram @handforgedinvt