Beginner Toolmaking


Instructor: Patrick Quinn
Level: Beginner
Dates: February 16th & 17th

This is a perfect opportunity for beginner blacksmiths to work on hammer control, learn about heat-treating, and make lots of tools for themselves. Most importantly, this workshop gives them the knowledge to go back to their shop or another shop and with confidence, safely make more tools for themselves.

In this two day workshop, students will learn how to make various hand tools commonly found in the blacksmith shop, such as a center punch, cold chisel, 1/4” square punch and 1/4” round punch. We will be working with coil spring because it is affordable and commonly available. Students will refine their hand hammering techniques at the anvil while making a pile of functional hand tools to take away with them.

A short demonstration of how these tools function and the best way to care for them will conclude this workshop.


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  • Patrick Quinn has taught blacksmithing, fabrication, and tool making at Southern Illinois University (Carbondale, IL), Penland School of Crafts, Haystack Mountain School of Craft, Hereford College of the Arts, and the Adirondack Folk School. He has demonstrated at various conferences such as ABANA and the California Blacksmith Association. With an MFA in blacksmithing from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and a BFA in sculpture from Alfred University, Patrick’s sculptural and functional works display a high level of craft and keen eye for detail. Instagram @handforgedinvt