April 29th

Blacksmithing Basics: Bottle Opener

Workshop Overview

Materials Included

This is a great beginner workshop for anyone interested in learning about blacksmithing. There are lots of basic forging techniques covered such as tapering, punching, drifting, twisting, scrolling, texturing and more. Also addressed in this workshop is proper hammer control, how to use various parts of the anvil, and safe effective working habits. Design and simple finishes will also be discussed.

Bottle openers are a fun way to get familiar with forging. They teach you a lot, are great fun to create, and give the maker a lot of freedom to personalize them. Typically, students are able to create several bottle openers by the end of the day.

Whether you’re looking to take the next step and learn some new techniques or want to give it a shot for the first time, this class is a great experience and leaves you with the perfect item to have at your next barbecue or party.


Meet the Instructor

Jesse & Carrie Savage

Jesse and Carrie are metal artist blacksmiths located in the heart of Central Vermont. They use hammers and anvil to traditionally forge iron work the old fashion way, with a modern twist. They work in their Rutland Blacksmith Shop. Their work can be found in Vermont Forgings’ gallery, Hand Made in Vermont’s Gallery in Wallingford, VT & many other…

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