April 15 - 19, 2024

Collaborative Sculpture: Calculate Your Forgings, Basic Geometry and Algebra for Blacksmiths

Workshop Overview

Materials Included

In this hands-on forging workshop, with the use and understanding of fundamental forging mathematics we will forge a collaborative sculpture based off of a maquette.  Students will learn how to measure from the maquette, multiply scale, and calculate volume to make a scaled up version of the sculpture.  Sculptural forging theory will also be discussed and considered. As a group we will converse about art vs craft, how the two blend, how important is process vs concept and what makes forging an exciting medium for sculptors in the 21st century.

Some of the mathematical concepts covered will include calculations for forging stock, various styles of tapers, and tenons.  Students can expect to become familiar with and learn the formulas to calculate the volume of an existing shape (from a drawing or maquette) and figure out how much stock is needed to create this shape from different starting stock dimensions, with the additional challenge of changing the scale.

Time will be spent in the mornings learning and practicing geometry and algebra related to the process of forging followed by time spent in the shop executing your calculations.  The creation of a truly scaled up sculpture will rely on your understanding of these concepts.

‌This valuable and underutilized skill set will have you forging much more efficiently and confidently on your own projects.  Knowing you have the right amount of material for your project is empowering and allows you to focus much more on the physical proceeds of forging and significantly limits material waste and guess work. Forging mathematics is just another tool in your tool box and the understanding of these formulas has had a more positive impact on my work than any other tool.

*sculpture pictured is not the exact sculpture students will be making, but is representative of the style in which they will be working.


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Meet the Instructor

Patrick Quinn

With a passion for sculpture and education Patrick uses forging as a vehicle to express himself sculptural and uses toolmaking and teaching as a way to share what he find so intrinsic about metalworking with his students.  With a firm belief in “quality work starts with quality tooling,” Pat uses this philosophy to forge the…

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Meet the Instructor

Joe Doyle

Joe is a licensed Professional Engineer and an adjunct mathematics instructor at Montgomery College, a community college in Takoma Park, MD.  He began his journey into metal forging 17 years ago, primarily focused on traditional hammer and anvil work.  In recent years, he has become fascinated by modern forge work on larger scale power hammers…

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