Cambria Iron Conference Registration

September 16th, 2023

The Cambria Iron Conference is an event held at Center for Metal Arts in the historic Cambria Iron and Steel Blacksmith shop.

CMA’s mission is to renovate and refurbish the historic power hammers and tooling to make them available to be seen by the greater forging community and used by qualified professional blacksmiths. This event represents our first major step toward that goal by hosting an event open to the public and inviting a different artist every year to demonstrate.

Our goal for this event and this space are to keep the focus on forging, creativity, education, and historical preservation with the main demonstration taking place in the historic blacksmith shop on the industrial hammers.  All of CMA facilities will be open to tour and we will have an exhibition on display as well as a smaller demonstration happening in our forging classroom.

Center for Metal Arts is offering a student discount for our Cambria Iron Conference. Students must be enrolled in an educational program, examples include college, university, or non-traditional school. Use code “STUDENT20” at checkout to receive the discount. This is being offered on an honesty basis, so please only use the code if you are a student. If you are found to use the code and not be a student, your registration will be refunded.

Learn more about the conference here >


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