September 16 - 27, 2024

Hot Deformation and Precise Lines with Christoph Friedrich: A Two Week Collaborative Sculpture Workshop Exploring Design and Technique

Workshop Overview

Materials Included

The mission of this 2-week workshop is to use traditional forging craft in conjunction with industrial forging tools and equipment to link the history of the blacksmith’s craft with a contemporary approach to thinking, design, and action.

In the starting phase we will get to know each other through hands-on exercises that demonstrate simple practical forging tasks and encourage creative thinking and problem solving. The large-scale works will be created with the use of the historic utility hammers at CMA so these teamwork exercises will aid in workflow and safety in the octagon.

When considering larger scale collaborative forgings, careful designing, planning, and thinking is necessary before execution and we will discuss different processes and techniques before embarking on large scale forge works. Thinking through process and results will be done with the aid of plasticine clay and small-scale maquette forgings helping ensure predictable results on large scale forging machinery and safety of the forgers.

The given model of a larger sculpture leaves little room for maneuverability in terms of design but allows the evidence of the forging process to be incredibly present and appreciated on a large scale. The hot deformation of the material and the forging will be our central focus and core to the aesthetic of the finished sculpture. The sculpture will be simple in its overall design concept, clear shapes and precise lines are incredibly important to the success of large-scale forged sculpture. The forging techniques used will be part of the design concept and we will work mostly in teams during the entirety of the forging process and for the final assembly.

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Meet the Instructor

Christoph Friedrich

For over 50 years I have succumbed to the iron. During my basic training as a craftsman, I got to know different design approaches and later formed my own from them. Following my conviction that good design requires good craftsmanship, I place emphasis on execution right from the design phase. In my work I always…

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