Collaborative Sculpture: Figurative Forging Based


Instructor: Jake James
Level: All Skill Levels
Dates: September 6th – 10th ( 9  a.m. – 5 p.m. )

     This course has the goal of building a large figurative sculpture, based on a design by Jake, and using techniques that are often explored in his work.

    Participants will be working in small forging groups, each working on separate elements of the sculpture that we will bring together to complete the whole piece.

    We will be working larger section material, utilizing exaggerated transitions, heavy forging practices and focusing on volumetric forged shapes. I utilize relatively simple processes and then come up with some creative joinery  to hang it all together!

      This course will be open to all levels of experience, and we will be aiming to have a balance of highly experienced to novice level participants working along side each other. Expect to be swinging sledge hammers!

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Jake is a blacksmith and sculptor with over 20 years of experience. Trained in the UK, and based on Vancouver Island, BC, he has developed a style that focuses on the gesture and expressiveness that can be brought out in heavily forged material, and in exploring the plasticity of hot iron.

          His work cuts across the board, from small utilitarian items to large architectural commissions and public art pieces. At the root of his design concepts is the desire to forge and bring the aesthetic that blacksmithing is able to provide to the fore.

          Jake has been teaching courses from his forge in Vancouver Island, and has led collaborative blacksmithing events around the world. @jakejames


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March 2nd & 3rd, November 16th & 17th