August 7th - 11th

Complete Pattern Welded Chef Knife

Workshop Overview

Materials Included

In this workshop students will complete one 7-8” pattern welded western style chef knife from start to finish. Every aspect of the process will be covered in detail such as material selection, pattern welding(Damascus), chef knife design theory, hidden tang handle construction and much more. This workshop will be equally helpful to intermediate makers seeking to streamline their process and design as well as seasoned beginners with some forging experience who want to try something new. Prior forging experience is recommended.


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Meet the Instructor

Nick Rossi

Nick Rossi has been making knives since 1998 and has taught bladesmithing since 2006. Drawing inspiration from traditional forging techniques Nick uses simple tooling and direct methods to make unique, high performance knives that will last generations. Nick has taught hundreds of workshops all over the country and greatly enjoys sharing the joy of making…

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