Damascus Integral Chef Knife


Instructor: Nick Anger
Level: Intermediate
Dates: April 27th – May 1st ( 9  a.m. – 5 p.m. ) ,  September 14th – 18th ( 9  a.m. – 5 p.m. )

In this workshop, students will have the opportunity to create their own Damascus billet and forge an integral chef knife. With significantly more time than the weekend workshop, this class is geared for people with some knife making experience that have the desire to work closely with Nick.

Students will start on the first day by forging a small mono steel integral paring knife. This gets the class warmed up and gives them a chance to learn about forging the bolsters on something smaller and more manageable. Next, focus will be placed on creating and forging their own pattern steel billet in which they will forge their integral chef knife. Just like the weekend workshop, various pattern techniques will be discussed and an emphasis placed on controlled hand forging.

This is an in-depth workshop giving students the full experience of creating a Damascus Integral Chef Knife. Covered in this workshop are hand forging, striking, and power hammer techniques, pattern making, forge welding, sanding, etching and finishing.



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  • Nick Anger is a full-time bladesmith living in northern Vermont, who is passionate about patterned welded steel. Nick’s forgings embody the essence of a finely crafted blade, with patterns and style that are unique and impressive. Examples of his work can be seen at angerknives.com or on Instagram @angerknives.

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April 27th – May 1st, September 14th – 18th