Damascus Knife Making


Instructor: Nick Anger
Level: Seasoned Beginner
Dates: April 26th (6-9pm) – 28th, September 13th (6-9pm) -15th, December 6th (6-9pm) -8th

During this workshop, Nick will demonstrate and talk in detail about damascus pattern welded steel.  He will forge one large “group billet” on Friday evening as a demonstration.

The “group billet” will be drawn out, divided into pieces, and each student will forge his or her own hidden tang, Japanese style chef’s knife. Various patterning techniques will be discussed and an emphasis will be placed on controlled hand forging.

Students will also learn how to make a handle for their knife, creating a beautifully finished chef knife. A huge success last year, this workshop is a must take for any bladesmith enthusiast.


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  • Nick Anger is a full-time bladesmith living in northern Vermont, who is passionate about patterned welded steel. Nick’s forgings embody the essence of a finely crafted blade, with patterns and style that are unique and impressive. Examples of his work can be seen at angerknives.com or on Instagram @angerknives.

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April 26th (6-9pm) – 28th, September 13th (6-9pm) -15th, December 6th (6-9pm) -8th