Dutch Tool Chest and Hardware


Instructor: Luke DiBerardinis
Level: Seasoned Beginner
Dates: August 8th-12th ( 9  a.m. – 5 p.m. )

Materials Included 

     Let’s build a primitive tool chest! This project is based upon an 18th century Dutch blanket chest, scaled down to serve as a toolbox. I will bring precut wooden pieces for each students’ chest and then throughout the week we will design and forge all our own hardware, culminating with building the chest and installing the hardware. Students will be able to design and customize their hardware based on skill level and artistic visions.

     We will discuss hardware history, regional design, and construction methods. Make hinges with fire welded and knuckled barrels, followed by handles, hasps, nails, clinch nails, and rivets. All parts for our tool chest. We will focus on simple, historical, effective forging techniques with minimal tooling. All aspects of forging will be covered including drawing, upsetting, punching, drifting, slitting, forge welding, and fire management.

     In this unique crossover course students will gain key insight and skills into not only making hardware, but installation of this hardware that makes this course appeal to cabinetmakers, furniture makers, restoration contractors, carpenters, blacksmiths, hobbyists, and hardware enthusiasts alike!

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  • Luke DiBerardinis is a restoration contractor specializing in reproduction hardware. He was born in an 18th century mill house and forged his first thumb latch in 7th grade metal shop. Blacksmithing has been his passion ever since. He has forged hardware for numerous different architects, contractors, museums, historic sites and private homeowners across the country. Luke has studied with Michael McCarthy and Paul Spaulding from the Cooperstown Farmers Museum and has worked for years under master smith James Kieffer, house hardware specialist.