Forged Furniture and Toolmaking


Instructor: Aaron Beck
Level: Seasoned Beginner/Intermediate
Dates: August 25th (6-9pm) – August 31st (12 Noon)

This class aims to assimilate some of the interdisciplinary skills of both wood and metal workers. The intended goal is to make a small stool with a carved wooden seat.  The stool will have forged legs and both these and the tools needed to carve the seat will be made during this session.

The class will begin with an introduction to tool making. Participants will forge at least one, but perhaps several carving chisels/gouges.  Time is short so, we will employ power hammers and several production forging techniques. These tools will then be ground and heat treated, after which they will be used in the next phase of the class. The best tools of the past were a collaboration between the smith and the end user so, it follows that the most linear relationship between tool maker and user is singular.

Following the intro to tool making, we will begin forging the legs for a basic three-legged stool.  The emphasis here is on layout, stock selection/planning, and careful, efficient forging.  The stool design features some basic joinery with one riveted tenon.  This is the backbone of the stool however, and attention must be paid to proper forging technique.  Again, we will rely on the power hammer and sometimes a striker. It is hoped that class time will permit the carving of the wooden seat, however time is finite and should it be necessary, the final carving, Finishing, and assembly can be completed at home.


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  • Aaron Beck is the sole proprietor of Handwrought Tools in Deer Isle, Maine. His training was through a series of apprenticeships in Montana, Wisconsin and Mississippi. His work is informed by his appreciation for the traditional trades, and his background in history and fine carpentry. With a focus on utility, his work includes specialty tools, custom hardware, and architectural metalwork. He prefers the forge and the machine shop to the arc welder and angle grinder, and is constantly seeking efficiency and refinement. Instagram @maineaxes.