August 26th - 27th

Forging Fundamentals

Workshop Overview

Materials Included

In this two-day workshop we will discuss and use the basic fundamental concepts of forging in a general terms, focusing on the “how” and the “why”. These concepts include, terminology, differing hammer blows and when to use them, tapering, drawing, set-downs, isolations and more.

The ideal student for this workshop is someone who may not have lots of forging experience, but has a genuine curiosity of the how and why. This course is for people that don’t just want to watch a YouTube tutorial on the steps associated with making something but want to understand a series of basic forging techniques that can be applied to various different projects.

It has been suggested to me more than once that I should call this class “Forging for Nerds”.



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Meet the Instructor

Michael Barton

I am an Automotive Engineer by trade, and an avid hobby blacksmith. My first love is tool making and I am very interested in sculptural forging (I am early in this journey). I Co-Lead a weekly Forging introduction program “Open Forge” introducing forging to people with little experience. I often connect best with students that…

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