Friction Folder


Instructor: Geoff Feder
Level: Seasoned Beginner

Dates: March 26th-27th (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.); September 3rd-4th (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.)

Materials Included

This is a two-day class where we will forge and finish a friction folder pocket knife using simple forging tools. Drawing out the blade and forming the handle with an emphasis on clear understanding of the process and technique including heat treatment, grinding and sharpening the blade.

Forged friction folders are the simplest forms of a folding knife, very useful and enjoyable to make. There is no lock or mechanism holding the blade open or closed so the lever is one of the focal points of the knife working correctly.The lever is a fascinating part of the design of this project. The forging of it is an exercise in the movement of mass creating a transition between handle and blade.

Another focal point is the pivot action. In order to work correctly the blade must be forged so it sits in the handle evenly in the closed and open position. The forging itself becomes integral to the action of this folding knife.

I’ve been using NYC Subway tokens as washers for the outside of the pivot, and I’m thrilled that CMA was able to locate tokens from Johnstown that we will use to make these special.


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  • Geoff Feder is the owner of Feder Knives a custom knife company in the heart of the Hudson Valley. Graduating with a BA in Studio Art at Kenyon College, Geoff has worked as a sculptor, fabricator and blacksmith and combines all his experiences to make beautiful and functional knives. The fundamentals of the blacksmithing mindset has permeated every step of his life, focusing on complete understanding and discipline contrasting with the colorful spontaneity of humanity Geoff falls somewhere in between.You can see his work at @Federknives on Instagram or listen to him on Knife Talk Podcast and The Full Blast Podcast wherever you find your podcasts.Websites:, @geofffeder on Instagram @federknives on Instagram

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March 26th-27th, September 3rd-4th