Hammer Eye Punch & Drift


MaterialsHy-Tuf (race car axle)
Punch Face: .5″ x .625″
Head Length: 5.5”
Overall Length: 18”
Drift: length, 14″, 10″taper & 4″ handle
Drift Taper: bottom – .5″ x .625″
measurements subject to vary slightly as they are hand made.

Punch and drift set.  When forging your own hammer the most important thing for quality and consistency is that your punch matches your drift.  Hammer punches and drifts come in all shapes and sizes.  Available here is the very same set we use to make all of our tooling at CMA for our classes and personal work.

Hy-Tuff is an incredibly strong material and ideal for this application.  Hy-Tuff is air hardening but can be quenched during use to keep the tool cool. Although incredibly tough the faceted punch can be dressed well with a file when cold. When hot, this material is still strong and resilient, and I have designed these tools to sand up to lots of abuse. With lots of strength behind the punch and drift these tools are forged to last a lifetime.  I have been using my set for over 5 years now and have only had to straighten my drift once.  My punch shows no signs of quitting any time soon.

Please contact us with any questions, I am happy to discuss the material, shapes, and use of this tool with you.

All of our tools are handmade by our skilled blacksmiths. Please allow two to three weeks for your items to ship. If you have questions, please contact us at contact@centerformetalarts.org or 814-418-0409.

Due to COVID-19, tool orders are backed up. Please allow a longer turn around time for new tools orders. 

*Turn around time may be as far as three months

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