Hot Rivets: A Collaborative Sculpture


Instructor: Steve Howell
Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Dates: May 5th (6-9pm) – 11th (12 Noon)

Students will be creating a collaborative sculpture combining forged elements, structural steel shapes, and riveted joinery to break through barriers of perception and monotony.  The riveting technique allows a designer to leverage ideas where one rivet is not a big deal, but six million will get you a monument.

Prior forging skills are highly recommended. The class will focus on forged sculptural elements, layout on structural steel shapes, and then will look at creative ways to join the pieces utilizing pneumatic and hydraulic riveting techniques with presses Steve will bring.  Come be a part of creating a large-scale sculpture for the grounds at CMA.

This is a unique opportunity to work in the same fashion things were built in Johnstown, PA when steel construction did not involve welders.  Be immersed in the city that was home to one of the most significant steel mills in the country and work in the fashion it was built.  If you’re interested in industrial forging, structural material, and hot riveted joinery, this is the workshop for you, hosted in one of the most inspirational settings for that style of work.


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  • Steve Howell has been immersed in industrial arts all his life. He is currently the director of production at the Sahale fabrication shop in Seattle, Washington. Steve’s deep personal interest in metal fabrication bore fruit in 2008, when he succeeded in recreating a complete set of tools and processes for reintroducing the lost art of structural hot riveting. His background in steel fabrication and testing includes offshore welding in the Gulf of Mexico, quality control and inspection of components for the B-2 Stealth Bomber, the F-22 fighter, and Abrams tanks. Instagram @ballardforge