Intentional Connections: Forge Welding, Design and Form


Instructor: Peter Braspenninx
Level: Seasoned beginner-Intermediate
Dates: August 24th -28th ( 9  a.m. – 5 p.m. )

*Tuition does not cover the cost of materials used for students’ own production

In this week-long class, we will focus on traditional and nontraditional methods of design and joinery.  The beginning of the week will be about design, development, and discovery, with demonstrations of techniques and discussions about design and methods.  Through a series of small assignments and exercises, the students will build a knowledge of material movement and make small samples for what will be a project of their own design.

The second half of the week will be about planning, process and preparation as we take the skills that have been presented and form them into an individual student designed final project.  This will be a time of trouble shooting and instructor  assisted design time, where we will plan, measure, and produce together, based on the skills and ideas that have been taught.

*My goal as an instructor is to help facilitate looking at the metal from a different perspective, and to help guide you, the student, through the process of design and execution.


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  •    Peter Braspenninx, owner of Phyre Forge, is a graduate of the University of Michigan school of art and design (2004). He is an artist, blacksmith, and educator.  His work has been shown, collected, and published nationally and internationally.  His work focuses primarily on building shape and line through visual connections and joinery using traditional skills to make modern forms.