Intermediate Tool Making & Design


Instructor: John Williams                                                                    

Level: Intermediate

Dates: April 26th-30th ( 9  a.m. – 5 p.m. )

Materials Included

     John will be instructing on tool-making, with an emphasis on design, and how to take your designs to a finished forging, as well as practical steps in how to do so. Emphasis will be on hand tools and tong making for beginner to intermediate smiths, and a German style cross peen hammer. More advanced smiths with an interest in learning some finer points in tool making are welcome.

     Class will begin with punches and chisels which will be used for tong making. Tongs will be constructed with both drawn out reins, and forge welded, drop tong reins will be covered using solid fuel forges. Students will learn basic flat jaw tongs, followed by scrolling tongs with welded reins, and other designs will be discussed and attempted if time permits. Class will conclude by forging the hammer, complete with grinding, heat treatment, and hanging on a handle. The intent of the class is to send the students home with useful tools to outfit their shop, as well as the knowledge and ability needed to empower them to pursue more ambitious projects at their home forge.

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  •  John has been forging for twenty years, and instructing in forge-work for fifteen. Very early on, he developed a passion for old, hand-forged tools. Instruction in those days in tool-making was essentially non-existent, so of necessity, he’s primarily self trained. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. After many hours of trial and error, numerous renditions of tooling, forging processes, as well as doing all of his own design work, he’s built a skill-set which enables him to develop and tackle the projects that excite him, and in his teaching, to help others to do the same.


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