Introduction to Forging – Fire Poker


Instructors: Jesse Savage & Carrie Savage
Level: Beginner

Dates: May 8th ( 9  a.m. – 4 p.m. ), August 21st ( 9  a.m. – 4 p.m. )

Materials Included

     During this one-day workshop students will experience a great hands-on introduction to forging while creating their very own fire pokers.

     This exercise covers several skills necessary to build a foundation on which to start forging and is a great experience for anyone interested in trying their hand at the craft. Skills that will be covered include but aren’t limited to, tapering, scrolling, forming, twisting, and texturing. Different poker terminations as well as handles will be demonstrated, and students can expect to try their hand at several styles.

     This tool is great for tending your backyard fire or keeping the fireplace or wood stove warm in the winter. A hand forged fire poker makes a great conversation piece while sitting around the fire spending time with friends and family or is a great gift for the fire enthusiast in your life.


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  • Jesse & Carrie Savage are metal artist blacksmiths located in the heart of Central Vermont. They use hammers and anvil to traditionally forge iron work the old fashion way, with a modern twist. They work in their Rutland Blacksmith Shop. Their work can be found in Vermont Forgings’ gallery, Hand Made in Vermont’s Gallery in Wallingford, VT & many other local shops.  Instagram @jessesavageblacksmith and @carriesavagevt

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May 8th, August 21st