May 27 - 31, 2024

Introduction to Tool Making

Workshop Overview

Materials Included

This workshop is an introduction to toolmaking for the blacksmith. Starting with tongs, punches, and drifts, each new tool and concept will help us make the next, concluding with handled set tools and a forging hammer. A detailed discussion of tool steels and heat treatment practices will be a major component of this workshop. Look forward to making your own tools and understanding the process for making more tools in the future.

Enrollment price includes all alloy steels necessary for this workshop 


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Meet the Instructor

Haley Woodward

Haley is a blacksmith and educator. He started working with metal in undergrad before moving to Austin, Texas, focusing his time on learning blacksmithing at Austin Community College (ACC). While in Austin and attending ACC, Haley worked in residential construction as a welder, and helped found the metalworking collective, The Austin Metal Authority. In 2014…

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