April 8 - 12, 2024

Puzzling in Pattern Steel

Workshop Overview

Materials included

Merging solid forms in pattern steel through various hot forming processes to create new forms of storytelling in steel. The goal will be to develop a single master pattern for the class that can be divided into one or more knife preforms per student. Ideally each student will leave with a knife preform for completion in their own shop. If time allows, a more refined forging may be achieved. I will also be focused on demonstrating and instructing my preferred forging process as it relates to the reveal of the pattern that is within the steel and also based on story being told.


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Meet the Instructor

Josh Prince

I have been working in pattern welding steel for the last 7 years. My greatest success has come from bridging my knowledge and experiences outside of metalworking and synthesizing them into my pattern welding concepts. I really enjoy telling a story through the patterns that are developed which has really driven the need to innovate…

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