April 3rd - 7th

Red Hot Basics: Beginning Blacksmithing

Workshop Overview

Materials Included

Although Blacksmithing techniques have been practiced for thousands of years we still find ways of manipulating metal with a hammer and anvil to produce work that is fresh, new and exhilarating. Students in this short class will learn and practice the basics of forging so that they can build further skills on a solid foundation.

We will learn tapering, spreading, bending, upsetting, punching and drifting holes and forgewelding using hand hammers and coal forges.We will learn and practice welding with an oxy acetylene torch. The class is designed to teach students skills they will need and introduce them to tools they might buy if they are thinking of setting up a simple blacksmithing studio. People who want to sample blacksmithing to see if they want to take more classes are welcome.


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Meet the Instructor

Elizabeth Brim

Elizabeth Brim is a blacksmith as well as a teacher, living in western North Carolina. She is best known for feminine imagery in her ironwork. A native of Columbus, Georgia, she graduated with an MFA in printmaking before studying and working with a variety of materials at the Penland School of Craft in North Carolina….

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