September 16 - 27, 2024

Sculptural Forging, Industrial Process

Workshop Overview

Due to circumstances beyond our control Christoph Friedrich is sadly unable to continue as this year’s instructor for the Hot Deformation and Precise Lines with Christoph Friedrich: A Two Week Collaborative Sculpture Workshop Exploring Design and Technique / Cambria Iron Conference demonstrator. After careful consideration CMA has made the decision to proceed with Patrick Quinn as the new instructor for the industrial forge workshop. See below for updated workshop description and information.

Sculptural Forging, Industrial Process
A hands on workshop exploring the tools and techniques to make large scale sculptural forgings. 

During this workshop students will explore the tools and techniques it takes to make industrial inspired large scale
(large scale for artists) sculptural forms on utility hammers. Large scale forged concepts and techniques will be presented to the class and discussed from the vantage point of successful and safe execution on the large scale hammers in the octagon at Canter for Metal Arts. 

This is a collaborative sculpture workshop in which students will first be presented with a maquette and  challenged to forge the elements of the maquette in the CMA classroom in order to gain the experience of making the sculpture at ¼ scale.  Next they will be challenged to scale up the elements and execute them in teams on the large scale hammers in the octagon at CMA. Our goal is to forge and assemble large scale forged sculptural elements inspired by industrial processes to be displayed on CMA’s campus.  Students of this workshop will also be participating in the demonstrations in the octagon at Center for Metal Arts’ Cambria Iron Conference.

This is a unique workshop and the first of its kind at CMA with tools and equipment of this size. Because of its nature, intermediate / advanced forging knowledge and power hammer experience is a must.  The aim of this experience is one of calmness, preparation, teamwork, consideration and care.  Due to the size of the hammers and material students will be working with the pace will be very slow, and students must be comfortable in a team work setting with the ability to communicate well and clearly.

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Meet the Instructor

Patrick Quinn

With a passion for sculpture and education Patrick uses forging as a vehicle to express himself sculptural and uses toolmaking and teaching as a way to share what he find so intrinsic about metalworking with his students.  With a firm belief in “quality work starts with quality tooling,” Pat uses this philosophy to forge the…

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