Power Hammer Techniques and Efficiency – The File Vice


Instructor: Patrick Quinn                                                

Level: Seasoned Beginner – Some power hammer experience required 

Dates: May 2nd – 6th ( 9  a.m. – 5 p.m. )

Materials Included

     This workshop is designed for someone already familiar with power hammers and wants to improve their understanding of the function of these tools and how to get more out of working with flat dies.

     This week we will focus on the power hammer and how to efficiently use these machines to execute a series of open die forgings. We will start with exercises that clearly illustrate how to effectively use flat dies, top tools, and bottom tools to create a variety of both parallel and tapered forgings. These I consider the building blocks of all aspects of power hammer forging on which to build a solid foundation.

     I will go over bottom tools vs top tools, what the right choice is and when and how to confidently use these tools safely. We will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each tool and use a variety of kiss blocks to keep your forgings accurate.

    The second half of the week will be spent forging a file vice. This is a much more intricate and challenging forging, and it is a great exercise in the potential of the clear understanding of flat die forging with the aid of hand tools on the hammer. Some bench work will be required to finish the vice.

     Students can expect this class to be very structured and will require careful attention to detail and discipline.

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  • Patrick Quinn has taught blacksmithing, fabrication, and tool making at Southern Illinois University (Carbondale, IL), Penland School of Crafts, Haystack Mountain School of Craft, Hereford College of the Arts, and the Adirondack Folk School. He has demonstrated at various conferences such as ABANA and the California Blacksmith Association. With an MFA in blacksmithing from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and a BFA in sculpture from Alfred University, Patrick’s sculptural and functional works display a high level of craft and keen eye for detail. Instagram @handforgedinvt