Toolmaking for Spoon Carving


Instructor: Reid Schwartz       

Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Dates: August 10th – 14th ( 9  a.m. – 5 p.m. )

Materials Included

This course covers the basics of forging, heat-treatment and sharpening of simple and effective woodcarving tools. Students will produce their own straight as well as bent blades, shape and mount their own handles and then put them to use carving freshly-harvested wood.

In depth discussions will include practical approaches to metallurgy, edge geometry for woodworking, handle ergonomics, as well as the opportunities and limitations of working with green-wood. The carving portion of the course will focus on safe knife grips, spoon design, and how to acquire and break down fresh rounds of timber into usable pieces. Students will leave with tools they made and knowledge of how to maintain them and use them. Intended as a beginner level course with enough information and challenge to keep an intermediate smith interested.


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  • Reid Schwartz is an artist and interested human – He has been carving wood for most of his life and making tools for over 15 years. His explorations into traditional woodland crafts have grown into a passion for the tools and technologies of first nations makers from around the world. Reid lives on his family sheep-farm in New Hampshire. He keeps a modest, hand-oriented workshop in a barn on the property and harvests material to carve in the surrounding hills.  Instagram @reidschwartz