Universal Box Jaw Tong with Clip Set

Universal Box Jaw Tong with Clip Set Preorder
Please allow time after the preorder ends for your tongs to be forged and shipped 

From Patrick Quinn:
Those of you that know me or follow my research and CMA know that I have a passion for tong making and use it as an outlet to learn about the forging process and help strengthen the CMA forging classroom.

Researching different historic examples of tongs and figuring out how to forge them takes up  the majority of my free time and workshop development.  Although I have a lot of in progress research I am excited to share with you my most recent efforts.

I have been working hard over the past few months on dialing in a process to make flat bit tongs almost entirely at the hammer and add this project to my power hammer curriculum.  I have gone through several iterations of this process  with various starting stock sizes and have learned a ton about what I value in a strong functional tong forged almost entirely at the hammer with open die tools and techniques.  Throughout this research I began to find and was shown images of historic tongs that had a removable clip for forging different widths of flat bar, meanwhile the tongs I was forging happened to have a very robust jaw before tapering it out and I thought that this style and process lent itself well to having the replaceable clip

Now, I’m generally not a multi tool kind of person but there was something about having one tong body that could hold an infinite amount of widths limited only by the clips you make seemed very attractive. The challenge here was making sure the tong was strong enough after the slot for the clip was milled out but I felt like the process I was researching lent itself nicely to this idea so I began to forge some with this intention in mind.  

I decided to add the set screw to this tong idea because throughout my trial periods with earlier iterations I found it a little frustrating having the clip unfastened.  Once the stock was in the jaw it didn’t matter much but the screw seems to help immensely when having the tongs upside down or fiddling with the stock in the forge.  I decided to put the through hole in the jaw and tap the clip for ease of fastening the screw and that way the clip becomes consumable.  If anything was to happen from misuse or overheat one simply replaces the clip and the set screw and off they go.

My goal is to offer a strong tong body and set of basic size clips to the forging community with the hopes that people may see the value and might be interested in adding a pair to their set.  Personally I aim to have .25” – .375” – & .5” thickness capacity bodies that all receive the same clips. If you can set up to make clips quickly like with collar tooling or something similar, this could be an incredibly valuable and versatile tool set to add to your collection.  

I am excited to offer a limited time preorder run of these tongs with a basic clip set for anyone who may be interested.  I am offering the tong body in three thickness options and each order comes with three clips that will fit each thickness tong body.  The benefit here is that you get a strong tong body with a starter clip set and the ability to make any size clip you want and continue to grow your holding capabilities.  

Tong body options (thickness capacity): 0.25”, 0.375”, 0.5”
Clip sets (width): – 1”, 1.5”, 2” – Clip set included with each tong body

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