Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a scholarship at Center for Metal Arts. CMA is dedicated to providing high-quality workshops at competitive prices to a broad range of students. We believe deeply in preserving and growing the history and craft of high-quality forged ironwork and offering a world-class environment for learning. Our goal is to preserve and grow this historic craft in our Johnstown location by producing traditional tools, developing and delivering best in class educational programs for artists and blacksmiths, and revitalizing the legacy of Cambria Iron Company machinery and tools. Our workshops vary in length of time from weekend to one-week, and six-week long workshops. We insure with a variety of topics, skill levels, and durations, everyone will be able to find a class suitable for them. 

Along with our efforts to keep the fees associated with our program affordable, we are seeking sponsors to support scholarships for those students in financial need. By supporting a scholarship, your tax-deductible donation will be providing a unique opportunity for one or more of our eager students to learn a new skill set with our talented instructors and bring people from all over the world to Johnstown, PA. We greatly appreciate your interest in helping us broaden access and enhance the diversity of student population.