We offer a variety of weekend workshops that range in topic. These workshops are perfect for a beginner looking to try their hand at blacksmithing as well as students looking to learn more or improve their skill set. Our weekend workshop topics are very focused, typically on the creation of a certain object or tool, and place emphasis on specific skills and techniques. They are structured in an effort to give our students the best possible experience in a short amount of time. In 2022, we are offering some of our popular weekend workshops such as Blacksmithing Basics -Bottle Opener with a few new workshops such as Sling Shot. 

      Extended workshops offer an opportunity for students to spend a longer time period working in our shop with our instructors. These workshops are an in depth look into projects and techniques that demand longer than a weekend to do them justice. During these workshops you can expect to work closely with our visiting instructors on techniques and skills that make their work stand out in the field. Spending one or two weeks with a craftsperson you admire and respect can be an experience that positively impacts your forging practice and the way you approach the craft.

     We aim to offer a well-rounded learning experience that consists of lots of hands on work in our forging classroom, research in our library, interaction with other members of the forging community, and visiting artist presentations. These opportunities are perfect for the aspiring blacksmith looking to work closely with an established or up-and-coming blacksmith for an extended period of time and immerse themselves in the craft of forging at Center for Metal Arts.       

     At CMA we pride ourselves in the quality of our forging classroom. Our staff works hard to make sure the students have all the tools they need, everything is properly dressed and safe to use, and all of our equipment is well maintained. Our classroom can accommodate eight students per workshop and has ample tooling and equipment for each individual to work efficiently and safely.  All of our tongs, hammers, top tools, and hand tools are forged by our full-time staff and we are constantly adding to our student tooling to help ensure the best possible learning experience. As well as ample hand tools, anvils, vices, and swage blocks, our students have access to both solid fuel and gas furnaces. For larger forgings there are three self-contained air hammers available. With plenty of open and personal space, we have created a quality and safe environment for blacksmiths to work and learn. Center for Metal Arts also offers off-campus communal housing for all our workshops that is just a short walk to our shop.