• Blacksmithing

    The Center for Metal Arts is equipped with 8 personal forging stations. Students typically work from a gas forge at a personal anvil and every student has the proper tools needed to participate in the workshop. ​At CMA we pride ourselves in our quality student tooling. All made in-house by our talented Blacksmiths, we offer our students the best quality learning experience possible. ​Students work at 150lb anvils and we have a wide range of post vices throughout the smithy. As passionate hammer makers, we have plenty of student hammers in all weights and styles, and matching top and bottom tools for all the anvils. It is our mission to ensure all students have the correct tongs for the workshop, this ensures safety and provides them with the security of holding the material tightly so they can get the most out of every hammer blow. If the workshop involves the use of a power hammer we have three available. A 110lb Sahinler with a full die set, a 55lb Anyang with flat dies, and a 22lb Anyang with a full die set. Adjacent to the smithy is a fully functioning fabrication shop complete with all the tools and equipment necessary to cut, weld, bend, and machine most anything.

    blacksmithing workshops

  • Metalsmithing

    With our recent move to Johnstown, building out the new jewelry/metalsmithing studio is our next big project. We except to fully relaunch this program in 2020. This program has room for 8 students to have there own bench space and handtools. Students typically work at their personal bench while sharing larger equipment through the studio. Every student has the proper tools needed to participate in the workshop. Student benches are stocked with all the basic hand tools needed for jewelry/metalsmithing. Each student has a saw frame, files, scribe, burnisher, center punch, sandpaper and any other consumable/tool needed for the specific workshop taught. The studio is well equipped with a large collection of silversmithing hammers and stakes, anvils, forming tools, hydraulic press, buffing machines, lapping machine, sand blaster, drill presses, flex shaft station, rolling mill, soldering station, oxy acetylene torch, kilns, and annealing station.

    metalsmithing workshops