At CMA we pride ourselves in the quality of our forging classroom. Our staff works hard to make sure the students have all the tools they need, everything is properly dressed and safe to use, and all of our equipment is well maintained.  

     Our classroom can accommodate eight students per workshop and has ample tooling and equipment for each individual to work efficiently and safely.  All of our tongs, hammers, top tools, and hand tools are forged by our full-time staff and we are constantly adding to our student tooling to help ensure the best possible learning experience.

     As well as ample hand tools, anvils, vices, and swage blocks, our students have access to both solid fuel and gas furnaces. For larger forgings there are three self-contained air hammers available. With plenty of open and personal space, we have created a quality and safe environment for blacksmiths to work and learn.

     Center for Metal Arts also offers off-campus communal housing for all our workshops that is just a short walk to our shop.