COVID-19 Policy

     Due to COVID-19, masks are mandatory during workshop hours unless you can provide a vaccination card or a negative COVID-19 test up to 72 hours prior to the class. If you have a vaccination card or negative COVID-19 test, please email a copy to this email address ( If you cannot provide a copy, you will be required to wear a mask. We have a limited number of disposal masks that you are welcome to use, but please try to bring one with you. Social distancing is also being practiced in our shop. It is not always possible to stay six feet away from one another, but please try your best to do so. We recommend washing your hands and sanitizing often with a cleaning station set-up in the classroom. If we all do our part to stop the spread of germs we can keep each other safe and enjoy the workshop! CMA staff will have to assess the conditions of COVID-19 when we get closer to the workshop date. You will be notified if our COVID-19 policy changes. gggggggggggg

Cancellation Policy Effective July 2020

     Center for Metal Arts uses PayPal as its e-commerce company. PayPal changed their refund policy to no longer refund processing fees requiring CMA to pay these fees when a refund is requested. Due to their change in policy, the processing fees taken out by PayPal will not be refundable and will be deducted from the refund total. These fees will be subtracted from all refund requests. An additional $25 cancellation fee will be applied when requesting a refund 45+ days prior to the class date. Cancellations received 44 days or less of the class date will not receive a refund. Center for Metal Arts spends a substantial amount of time planning each workshop and cancellation spots can be difficult to fill. The above policy was set to reflect and offset the difficulties and costs associated with cancellations. If Center for Metal Arts must cancel or reschedule a workshop for any reason, students will receive a full refund; however, Center for Metal Arts is not responsible for non-refundable or prepaid travel arrangements. Before making travel arrangements, we highly recommend calling us at 814-418-0409 to make sure your workshop will run. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Transfer Policy

     Workshop registration is non-transferable from person to person. A person may transfer their enrollment from one class to another class of same value, presuming space is available during the current workshop year. Transfer requests will not be accepted less than 30 days prior to the workshop. If you transfer 45+ days from your original class, a non-refundable transfer fee of $15 will be charged. If you wish to transfer 44 days or less, but more than 30 days, a transfer fee of $30 will be charged. Once you have transferred from one workshop to another, your reservation is finalized and you may not transfer into another workshop. If you should need to cancel the new workshop, you will not receive a refund.